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The Profile

Individuals who like to get the Maximum Return enjoy managing their finances to reap the rewards, such as earning frequent flyer miles. They regularly use credit cards but rarely carry a monthly balance. They typically bank online, but they probably haven't started paying and receiving bills online. Those who do pay bills online, typically pay directly at the biller's (e.g., utility company) website. They like the idea of banking and paying and receiving bills at a single site, but just haven't gotten around to signing up.

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Meet Richard

Richard - Maximum ReturnRichard insists on getting Maximum Return. If you had to sum up his Bill Pay Personality in just a few words, it would be, “Make it run like a well-oiled machine so I can enjoy the good life.”

Richard loves managing his money and maximizing his return on every dollar. He’s the kind of guy who:

  • Likes to earn miles from using his credit cards, so he can play golf in Tahiti every year
  • Enjoys meeting with his financial advisor about all of his investments and plans to retire early so he can golf more
  • Is interested in receiving eBills
  • Schedules payments to arrive just in time to optimize his interest-bearing account

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Pay and Receive Your Bills Online

If you like to get the Maximum Return, try paying and receiving your bills online if you aren't already doing so. All you have to do is click the “Get Started” button below, search for your bank, click on your bank's name and sign up for bill pay. It's easy to pay and receive bills online, and it's hassle-free. Plus, you can manage your finances at a single, secure website — 24 hours a day. Go ahead, get started!

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