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paranoid paper pusher

The Profile

Paranoid Paper Pushers tend to be very organized and in control when it comes to managing finances. They carefully review their bills to make sure they're accurate. They prefer to pay their bills with a paper check, which they send out by mail. To them, the Internet might be okay for reading the news or checking on the weather, but not for banking or paying bills online. They don't trust the Internet.

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Meet Ralph

Ralph - Paranoid Paper PusherThey don’t come much more paranoid than Ralph. If you had to sum up his Bill Pay Personality in just a few words, it would be, “I have a system, why change?”

Ralph may be organized but he’s too paper dependent. His reliance on documenting everything on paper makes him a prime candidate for identity theft. Ralph’s the kind of guy who:

  • Is very organized and keeps paper copies of everything — enough to start his own library
  • Doesn't trust the Internet with his money
  • Still watches movies on VHS
  • Prefers to pay his bills with paper checks, which he signs and places in his mailbox with a red flag

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Pay and Receive Your Bills Online

If you're a Paranoid Paper Pusher, you're probably thinking that the Internet is the last place you'd go to pay and receive your bills or manage your finances. But did you know that paying and receiving your bills online is actually safer than receiving your bills through the mail and paying your bills with a paper check?

Most identity theft incidents occur when mail is stolen from mailboxes or trash cans. And when fraud occurs as a result, it can take a month or longer before victims even realize they've been victimized. When you bank, receive eBills and pay bills online, you can manage your finances daily. You don't have to wait for the next bank statement to come in the mail.

So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is click the “Get Started” button below, search for your bank, click on your bank's name and sign up for online banking, eBills and bill pay. Banking and paying and receiving bills online is easy and hassle-free. Go ahead, get started!

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