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See if your bank offers bill pay!



Watch these videos to learn more about online banking, electronic bill pay and e-bills, and their positive impact on the environment.

"The Power of You"

The Power of YouNo place is more affected by our actions than the environment. See how easy it is for you to make a difference.

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"Are You a Part of It?"

Are You a Part of It?There’s a movement happening out there that can save you time, save you money, conserve the environment and protect your identity. Are you a part of it?

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PayItGreenWhen you pay a bill, do you pay it green? By switching to electronic billing and payments, we save paper, energy, fuel and water — the environment and our future!

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"Life of a Check"

Life of a Check

Learn about the life and travels of a paper check and how switching to electronic billing and going paperless positively impacts the environment.

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