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See if your bank offers bill pay!



Electronic bills, also known as “eBills,” are a convenient, secure and environmentally friendly way of delivering many of the bills you pay.

More and more consumers are choosing to have their bills delivered electronically because there are so many benefits. Explore “What's In It For Me?” to find out what these are.

What's an eBill?

An eBill (electronic bill) is an electronic version of a paper bill that you can view and pay online. Instead of being sent to your home mailbox, eBills are delivered to the websites of companies who you do business with. This could be your bank, credit union, or any company that sends you bills (cable, phone, power, credit card and so on).

eBills contain all of the same information you’re used to seeing on your paper bills.

Once you have signed up to receive an eBill, you can turn off your paper bill and streamline your bill paying routine. Plus, eBills can be printed or filed online for record-keeping if needed.

eBills - From your mailbox to your computer.

When you’re ready to pay, all you need to do is go online and enter the amount, schedule the date you want the bill paid, and click to pay. It's that easy.

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