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“Online access helps improve your financial security, rather than detracting from it. Besides, it’s easier and faster than trying to do things the old-fashioned way with checks and monthly statements…Use online bill pay. It’s faster, safer and easier to track than putting checks in the mail.”
~ US News & World Report, “Simple Savings Steps”

In 2010, identity fraud claimed fewer victims than any other period since 2003. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop protecting your personal information.

According to experts, identity fraud is primarily a low-tech crime that occurs most often in traditional physical channels, such as in-person transactions and the direct theft of personal data by individuals.

...identity fraud is primarily a low-tech crime

Reduce Your Chances of Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft

Replacing paper bills and statements with electronic versions allows you to reduce the flow of personal information from unsecured mailboxes, where it can be a target for theft.

Additionally, monitoring your accounts regularly online helps speed the detection and resolution of identity fraud.

To learn more about identity fraud and reducing your chances of becoming a victim, check out Six Ways to Protect Yourself Online.

If you're concerned about using the Internet for financial transactions, don't be. Paying and receiving bills online is more secure than mailing paper checks. And when you use a bank website or portal powered by Fiserv to pay and receive bills online, your protection is guaranteed in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays.