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Green Savings Calculator

Switching to eBills and online bill pay can reduce your carbon footprint and conserve the environment. Use our Green Savings Calculator to determine the impact.

>> Paper Statements vs. Electronic Bills

Cash & Time Savings Calculator

Like the environment, the green in your wallet and your time are important resources too. Use our Cash & Time Savings Calculator to see how much you can save by switching to eBills and online bill pay.

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Bill Pay Personalities

What's a Bill Pay Personality you ask? It's how you behave when it comes to paying bills.

>> Learn About Bill Pay Personalities

Bill Pay Personality Quiz

There are six Bill Pay Personaly types: Desperate Avoider, e-Saavy Planner, Maximum Return, Quick and Easy, Paranoid Paper Pusher and Self-Improver. Which one are you?

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Still not sure how eBills and online bill pay work? These short demos give you a quick, guided tour of the interactive features, convenient benefits and easy-to-use capabilities.

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Impress your friends with your extensive online bill pay vocabulary. From biller to online bill pay, you'll find it here.

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Having trouble visualizing life without paper? Watch these videos to see how you can pay it green. It's not just good for the environment; it's good for you.

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Helpful Links

Use these helpful links to learn more about going green, protecting your identity and organizing your life.

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